Welcome to Camping Des Bruyères!

Camping des Bruyères
Le Cloître St. Thégonnec 29410

+33 (0)298 797 176

+31 6 21830463


The reception is closed from 12 to 3.30 pm.

How to reach the camping from Morlaix:

Take the D769 towards CARHAIX. Turn left at LE PLESSIS towards LE CLOITRE ST. THEGONNEC. Drive past the Musée des Loups. Turn left, follow ‘camping’ signs.

GPS: 48.485820346663125 – 3.801169874390978

Pluscode: F5PX+7H Le Cloître-Saint-Thégonnec, Frankrijk


Hello, my name is Marc Tissen. Since September 2020 I am the happy owner of Camping Des Bruyeres, where I would like to personally welcome you.

When I came to this beautiful, quiet, tree-lined place in the summer of 2019, I was sold immediately. Here you could still camp as camping was intended! The absence of electricity ensured that I landed completely in nature and could enjoy a beautiful starry sky at night. I had space to dream again .Of course the showers are warm and adjustable, there is a charging point for your smart phone, a communal fridge and there is solar lighting in both the group room and the sanitary area.

Owner Judi, who had run the campsite for thirty years, turned out to be looking for someone who wanted to take over the baton with respect for nature. And so it happened.

Welcome to Camping Des Bruyéres, a place of few changes in a rapidly changing world.

Marc Tissen