Camping des Bruyeres is open from June 7th to September 30th, 2021. If you want to be assured of a spot, book by filling in the form below.

After I have received your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email and the request to transfer a deposit of € 20 within 7 days. Your spot is reserved after receiving your deposit. You can cancel up to two weeks before your date of arrival. After that, your deposit of € 20 will be charged.

If the € 20 is not transferred within 7 days after the payment request, your reservation will expire, in which case you can fill in the form below again.

Reservation form Camping Des Bruyères


Spacious spot € 6,-
Trekkers spot€ 4,-
Adult€ 6,-
Child 0-10 jaar€ 3,-
Child 11-16 jaar€ 4,-
Camper€ 9,-
Car€ 3,-
Motor€ 2,-
Animal€ 2,-
Charging bicycle battery€ 2,50